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0000199WoR ImagerRaspberry Pi 4 (ARM64)public2023-04-22 18:22
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Product Version2.3.1 
Summary0000199: The USB adapter for Wi-FI does not work


If I understand it, the internal WI-Fi does not work in the RPi4b due to the fact that there is no compatible driver for Windows 10 with ARM64.

I thought I would solve this problem with via USB Wi-Fi adapter. Which always works for me on all WIndows 10 (x64).

AWUS036ACM = Chipset MT7612U
AWUS036ACHM = Chipset MT7610U

Unfortunately, my (Windows 10 ARM64) does not recognize any of these USB Wi-Fi adapters, I only see it in the device list as unknown "USB\VID_0E8D&PID_7612&REV_0100"

Is there any way to get these adapters to work?

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